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I will never suggest or buy from Eagle Trade

Be aware with American Eagle Trade! the 1st order I placed with them came 2 weeks late, after having a whole load of patience with them, I received my package of name brand clothes, which I did received just on top of the box, down there found brands I never even knew they exist, definitely not what I paid for, now I […]

Merchandize liquidators worst provider ever!!!

Please be aware before ordering cosmetics from merchandize liquidators. I ordered 2 boxes of cosmetics to send them to my family in Venezuela. I couldn’t check the merchandise before sending them and when my family open the packages and did the inventory out of 500 pieces 132 was eye liners so many blue and brown mascaras and the few black […]

Be careful, City furniture false advertisement!

I visited the showroom in Florida, I picked a couch which had a sign that said “Leather” I made sure and ask the sales rep, she said yes, I went home, called before placing my order (huge mistake I don’t remember her name)  and again I asked the lady on the phone are you sure is leather? I was being skeptical, and she assured […]

via trading are scammers

they are in California, we bought pallets of macys bedding. we were under the impression the items were overstock with some returns, we trusted them, paid them on the day we made the deal and we told our customers to come and wait for the merchandise with us the same day the pallets arrived, we were ashamed as we were taking the […]

Never buy from merchandize liquidators

After being negotiating for over 3 weeks,( I was being a little skeptical) I wired merchandize liquidators for a load of walmart, it took them more than 3 weeks to send me the load, kept giving me false excuses, I had my lawyer calling them and finally sent me the load, which I didn’t even want to unload the pallets from the […]

Via trading lied to me!

I was very excited to make business with Via trading, but after receiving my merchandise I’m more than disappointed, don’t buy anything from them , they will tell you a bunch of lies to convince you to buy their trash. I ordered a truckload of kmart MOS general merchandise, i was charged for the shipping from Ohio and when the driver […]