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Scammed by Genco, very disappointed with their products

I recently bought few pallets with Genco but I received mostly Christmas and new year’s items. I can not  believe how they dared to send me something like that, all my savings went to the garbage and I can not afford to save pallets for next season. be aware Genco is not a trustful company. If they have told me […]

Overseas trading will rip you off

Apparently their specialty is ripping off people, I talked to a couple of guys that are in the business and they didn’t give me any good reference from this company, too late because I already spent my money with this company in Vero Beach, Fl. I’m in Georgia and spent almost $8k for nothing but trash that they called drugstore items, […]

Central closeouts scammers

Few weeks ago my sister traveled from Honduras, after doing some research online we found Central closeouts, we took the trip and visited their warehouse and made a purchase. They showed you different merchandise there to the one they send you once you buy. tried to put our claimed but the manager told us all the sales are final, the make […]

Help…I was scammed by Genco

Anyone else have bought from them and was scammed? I am desperate, I’ve calling and they don’t offer me a good solution for me but for their pockets. I ordered a load of kohl’s homeware and I receive more than 70% of broken furniture the worst part is that in my business we don’t sell or have room for broken tables, couches or horrible […]

I will never suggest or buy from Eagle Trade

Be aware with American Eagle Trade! the 1st order I placed with them came 2 weeks late, after having a whole load of patience with them, I received my package of name brand clothes, which I did received just on top of the box, down there found brands I never even knew they exist, definitely not what I paid for, now I […]

via trading are scammers

they are in California, we bought pallets of macys bedding. we were under the impression the items were overstock with some returns, we trusted them, paid them on the day we made the deal and we told our customers to come and wait for the merchandise with us the same day the pallets arrived, we were ashamed as we were taking the […]