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  9. You will not post any criminal acts on our website.

What is Ripoff Scam Report?

It is a website with an online forum that may help give people an idea about a company, business, person, etc.
You can complaint or complain about particular subjects.

You need to sign up before you can post anything on our website.
Posts are open to the public if you will like to read on these matters.
A search bar is there for you to search as well.

Removal of Information at User’s Request

The target can request removal by emailing us at “removal.admin@ripoffscamreport.com

Removal of any posts will have a charge of $5,000.00 after lawyers and legal actions were reviewed.


We Are Not Responsible

Ripoff Scam Report.com does not take any responsibility for shared opinions on our website.
The information provided on the sites that people post comes “as is” without warranty.
“RipoffScamReport.com,” will not be held liable in any matter whatsoever.


Updates To Terms of Service

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